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In Ukraine, Stakes Rise Sharply As Unrest Spreads (+video)

About these ads Klitschko called on protesters to "lay the pressure on so that the government resigns," RFE adds. AP notes that Interior Minister Vitali Zakharchenko issued a statement guaranteeing that police would not take action against the Independence Square protesters, and called on police to exercise calm. Protesters expressed their disappointment in the talks to Agence France-Presse, and indicated they were prepared for a fight with the government. "I feel deceived. We waited all day for a result of the negotiations and we got nothing," said protester Yevgeny, 26, wearing a helmet. "I have fear now but have even more fear for the future," he added. Lyubov, a protester from Ivano-Frankivsk in west Ukraine who had travelled to Kiev, added: "We know the authorities do not want to compromise, we have known this for a long time." Pavlo Movchan,parliamentary deputy with the BYuT party of jailed opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko, expressed hope that the parliament, which is scheduled to meet next Tuesday, will cancel draconian new antiprotest laws and agree to parliamentary elections moves that could promote calm. But equally important, Mr.

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